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عنوان انگلیسی A longitudinal study on factors affecting weaning pattern of mothers in Shiraz,Iran
چکیده انگلیسی مقاله This study examines factors affecting weaning pattern of mothers residing in Shiraz(Iran).A cohort of 329 mothers who gave birth at the 14 maternity clinics of shiraz during two consecutive weeks in 1996 were selected randomly.mothers were visited 11 times at home during 2 years post delivery and their breast feeding performance and its associatef factors were examined closely.mother,s knowledge and attitude score and first menstruation period after delivery were significantly assoicated with the time of cessation of breast feeding(p< 0.05,p< 0.01 respectively).the mean duration of breast feeding was 14.7 applying Kaplan-Meier model,a conversely significant association was found between the mothers level of education and the breast feeding period(p< 0.001).also an association between rooming-in project of mother and neonates and the time of cessation of breast feeding was observed (p< 0.01).mothers menstrual cycle began on the average 5.5 months after giving birth.the results emphasized on necessity of fundamental planning on promotion of breast feeding in Iran and justifies economically any investment in this regard.
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