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عنوان انگلیسی Effectiveness of local lidocaline infiltration for reducing early complications of tonsillectomy
چکیده انگلیسی مقاله Tonsils are located in the upper airway.serious complications may threaen the patients during and following surgical operations in this area.this study was done to assess the effectiveness of local lidocaine infiltration for redusing complications of this study,74 patients were randomly selected.37 patients received local lidocaine infiltration(2ml of 2% lidocaine)in the tonsilar capsules afther general anesthesia,and in the other half tonsillectomy were performed under general anesthesia with infilteration of placebo(normal saline).in both groups some rise in blood pressure and heart rate was observed.but diffrence with the preoperative blood pressure and heart rate was not statistically significant.the degree of postoperative restlessness(zero in lidocaine group,30% in placebo group)and reduction of peripheral O2 saturation(26% in lidocaine group,74% in placebo group) decreased siginficantly in the case group (p< 0.05).our study indicated that local lidocaine infiltration diminished some early complications of tonsillectomy,especially restlessness and reduction of peripheral O2 saturation.
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