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عنوان انگلیسی A survey on the DNA content in Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder and its relation with histological graging
چکیده انگلیسی مقاله Transitional cell carcinoma(T.C.C) of bladder display an upredictable biological behavior.Morphologic methods of grading this tumor are insuficient to predict the clinical outcome of the patients.the aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between histological grading staging and DAN ploidy especially in intermediate grade II(IIa and IIb). in a retrospective study of tissue specomen in 30 patients with T.C.C of the bladder,we compared the results of histological grading,staging and other morphological criteria such as vascular,lymphatic and perineural invasion with DNA ploidy.DNA content was measured by flow cytometry.there was a good correlation between histological grading and DNA ploidy(p< 0.003).Regarding TCC grade II (a,b).there was also a good relationship between morphologic criteria and DNA content(p< 0.003).there was also a positive correlation between histopathologic staging and DNA contene except in one case(p< 0.003).We found a significant correlation between results of DNA cytomery and vascular,lymphatic and perineural invasion (p< 0.0008).flow cytometric determination of DNA content as a complementary method is valuable in predicting prognosis of TCC especially in grade II.the exact use of morphologic criteria for grading of TCC can be substitued for DNA content in the absence of flow cytometry for prediction of aggressive behavior in TCC.
کلیدواژه‌های انگلیسی مقاله Transitional cell carcinoma, Bladder, grading, DNA content

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