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عنوان انگلیسی Designing a Normal Model of Ethical Marketing in the Hotel Industry
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Background: The present study was conducted with the aim of designing a model of normal ethical marketing in the hotel industry.
Method: This research is qualitative in terms of purpose, exploratory in terms of approach, and qualitative in terms of data analysis. The statistical population was a group of hotel industry experts from whom a total of 9 people were selected as the sample by purposive sampling and theoretical saturation. The research tool was in-depth interviews. Data were analyzed using theme analysis methodology.
Results: According to the results of the study, the main category in this study was "the attention of hotel industry managers to ethical marketing norms." Causal conditions include knowledge of ethical norms, emphasis on upstream rules on ethical norms in marketing, modeling of the world hotel industry, training courses for hotel managers and staff on ethical norms in marketing and reforming and improving the reward and punishment system in line with ethical norms He was in the marketing of the hotel industry. Areas included "Emphasis on Ethical Decision-Making at All Levels of the Organization" and "Ethical Organizational Culture", and environmental conditions included "Societychr('39')s desire to comply with ethical marketing norms in the hotel industry" and "Economic problems in the country." Strategies also included the categories of "ethical hospitality" and "compliance with organizational social responsibility", which led to the consequence of "customer satisfaction of the hotel industry".
Conclusion: The results of the research led to the design of a model of ethical marketing in the hotel industry and showed that ethics is a fundamental element and in developing marketing models for the hotel industry, special attention should be paid to this important issue.
کلیدواژه‌های انگلیسی مقاله Hotel industry, Marketing, Ethics, Norm

نویسندگان مقاله | Maryam Beigpour Tanha

| Farshid Namamian

| Reza Taghvai

| Tohfeh Ghobadi Lamoki

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