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عنوان انگلیسی Evaluating the Semi-Circular Bending Test for HMA Mixtures
چکیده انگلیسی مقاله Semi-Circular Bending (SCB) Test is a fast and accurate three-point bending test, which was originally used in rock mechanics. SCB test is going to be an accepted test method for asphalt concrete pavements. Different asphalt-mixture property-values such as tensile strength, stress intensity factor and fatigue can be obtained by this test. In this study, static and dynamic tests including SCB test, Stiffness modulus and fatigue tests using Nottingham Asphalt Tester (NAT), Indirect Tensile Strength test (ITS) and Triaxial Hveem test, were conducted on asphalt concrete specimens with different bitumen and filler contents, using two standard aggregate grades. The results obtained from different common tests were compared with the semi-circular bending test; assure that, SCB is a true-accurate test for prediction of both short-term and long-term mechanical properties of asphalt mixtures.
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نویسندگان مقاله B. Ferdowsi |
Civil Engineering, University of Guilan

M. Arabani |
Civil Engineering, University of Guilan

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