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عنوان انگلیسی An Optimized Online Secondary Path Modeling Method for Single-Channel Feedback ANC Systems
چکیده انگلیسی مقاله This paper proposes a new method for online secondary path modeling in feedback active noise control (ANC) systems. In practical cases, the secondary path is usually time-varying. For these cases, online modeling of secondary path is required to ensure convergence of the system. In literature the secondary path estimation is usually performed offline, prior to online modeling, where in the proposed system there is no need for using offline estimation. The proposed method consists of two steps: a noise controller which is based on an FxLMS algorithm, and a variable step size (VSS) LMS algorithm which is used to adapt the modeling filter with the secondary path. In order to increase performance of the algorithm in a faster convergence and accurate performance, we stop the VSS-LMS algorithm at the optimum point. The results of computer simulation shown in this paper indicate effectiveness of the proposed method.
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نویسندگان مقاله Hamid Hassanpour |

Pooya Davari |
Energy Technology, Aalborg University

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